Future Heroes Teens (long journey)


Are you somewhere between the ages of 15 and 22? Are you looking for a sense of direction concerning your subject choicesstudy optionscareer or future in general?

Future Heroes is the answer!🔥

This journey is NOT about helping you find a stable job that you might like. This journey is all about helping you to find what you are PASSIONATE about, what MOTIVATES you, what you are GIFTED to do and what you VALUE in life so that you can make clear choices!
We lead you through a set of transformational steps which GUARANTEE that you will think differently about life if you actually go and do them! We will guide you through the process of finding your CDP – your Central Defining Purpose for living!


This package includes:

  • Access to the DNA Superheroes App
  • Interactive and engaging videos in cinematic style
  • Super-DNA Assessment + Report (Discover the drivers of your internal motivation)
  • Brilliance Assessment + Report (Discover your natural talents – the way you express your motivation)
  • Super-Strengths Report (Identify the unique motivational strengths you have as a result of your Super-DNA)
  • Super Skills Assessment + Report (Identify your top soft-skills out of the 17 soft skills that every superhero needs)
  • Superhero Report (Experience how your Super-DNA blend to create your very own Superhero profile –  a more focussed description of who you are!)Each report contains a combination of graphs, descriptions, training videos and ebooks (over 100 pages for your Super-DNA) just to describe the uniqueness of you!!!
  • Career Compass Assessment + Report (Understand your work and life values, ideal environment and recommended career fields)
  • Practical Missions to complete which will transform you in your thinking about yourself and your future and help you to practically implement all that you will learn in this journey!


!IMPORTANT! – purchasing multiple journeys (for more than one person) will send each unique activation link in the SAME EMAIL – please distribute each unique link to each person OR just complete the checkout individually for each person.

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