Welcome Hero,

This is your 7 Peaks of MASTERY report. Please take a look at you graphs which depicts your levels of authority. You have three co-ordinates which makes up your peak where you have stopped. Each peak is called a camping place of competency. This is your current position up the mountain, your highest peak  where you have camped in your journey. There is a path up the mountain and you use your staff. The path stops at each peak. Your life is destined and it is written in your book that you must become a LEGEND. Now face the truth of this report hero, use your staff and climb, the journey is a long on. Be strong!

Look at the graphs and then read about your top three peaks


The Line chart below displays where your your base camp is on the way up your mountain. It also shows what is your height up the mountain. The path takes you to every peak and your staff is what will bring elevation


The size of a block indicates which peaks of the mountain is your dominant camp. The Mountain calls you always higher. Never settle for nothing than the top.


This is where you are camping at the moment


The Bar chart on the left displays the different peak which you have visited. The biggest and tallest bar indicates where you are camping. The Mountain calls you always higher. Never settle for nothing than the high peaks.


These are the three coordinates that forms your highest peak. This is your peak of authority. Do not settle for anything less than becoming a thought Leader of a Legend


This is the level of starting out as a beginner and basic learning. It is the amateur level as you have some sort of education and have entered a certain Industry. Many people just take a job and move from one industry to another and take years before they ascend their mountain, this is because they were looking for interest outside themselves , rather than pursuing their mountain based upon their interests, gifting and CDP

THE WORKING DRONE (Side kick frequency)

This is an employed person who is really an advanced beginner. They have developed a competence where they are comfortable with their tasks which they need to perform. At this level they are still taking orders and live in a reaction mode from one order to another. At this level you know what to do in order to complete the delegated tasks. This is a monotonous type of level with no innovation required. Just do the daily tasks. It becomes mind numbing and the intrinsic value of a person here takes a huge dip. Watch out that you do not get stuck on this level – it becomes monotonous and soul draining. It must merely serve as a stepping stone up the mountain. Get of this level as fast as possible by working on becoming a MASTER, a Industry expert

THE PRACTITIONER (Hero frequency)

You are seeing the bigger picture in your industry and understand that there is a wider world to what is going on within your industry. At this level your PERFORMANCE component in your HEXACRON is activated. You read industry publications and attend events and speak to others in your industry. You also started to network with like minded people as you explore the universe of your industry. You are interested in your performance and compare your views, knowledge and performance to others in your industry. You are also researching leaders in your industry. It is no longer about doing tasks, it is now about performance. True leadership starts to show for those who use this level as a stepping stone. Do not get stuck here. Excel in your performance and climb.

THE PROFESSIONAL (Super-Hero frequency)

You are fulfilling functional leadership roles in your industry and have moved up in the pay grades. This is because of your professional knowledge and service. You even find yourself serving on different leadership teams. You are well aware of what is going on in your industry and are networked with other leadership and professionals in your industry. Professionals normally leads the practitioners and working drones in projects. You are probably a qualified member of a professional body or institute within my Industry. You also do regular accredited up-skill to maintain status in your industry. If you get stuck on this level you will have a good paying job for the rest of your life. It is time to climb hero. The journey to the top is a long one

THE SPECIALIST (Super-Hero frequency)

This is the level of displaying initiative and the ability to think critically. The specialist can initiate new things and don’t need to ask others how and when to do things. You can make things happen on your own accord. You know what needs to be done and you can get it done without any approval or it being delegated to you. You have developed a passion for what you are doing. It is at this level where people become self employed or start their business. they no longer require the guidance or even employment of others. Specialists head up their own work and initiates their own projects. You understand the gears of your industry to operate on your own if you ever need to do it

THE AUTHORITY (Kingly frequency)

You have become a force to be reckoned with in your industry. You developed a reputation and are seen at events in your industry. people know you are an authority at these events. You are not just another one in the crowd. You are requested as a speaker and even asked to write articles because of your ideas. You are connected to key players in your industry and have open communication liens with them. You are recommended by other because you have become the answer to the question. Your work developed a distinct and unique signature because of your ideas. You are beyond mere independence – you are a pioneer in your field and industry. You see through the red tape and find a better way of doing things in your industry. Your work express a creative side as you earned the right to not just be functional but to express your ideas creativity. Your ways of work is unique so is your leadership style. You are filled with vision as you have reached the higher peaks of your mountain. You are becoming iconic by just being who you are – your HEXACRON has fully become lit up on this level. You are seeing greater manifestation of authority and influence that come to you. Platforms and opportunities increase exponentially on this level. Keep the true north focused and ascend even higher.

THE THOUGHT LEADER (Kingly frequency)

You have very strong influence, impact and are starting to exert control in your industry. The is the peak of mastery  and expertise where your HEXACRON is a bright light and can  be seen buy those who are in the valley. You are now at such a place that your industry is looking at you for guidance and direction. They know you know the way to the top. Everybody wants your time as they recognize you have walked the path with your staff through the 7 M’s up the mountain. You are strongly opinionated and do need the approval of others. You have nailed the principle of responsibility . You don’t play by the expected rules anymore – you write the new rules of your industry with your ideas and creative innovation. You have a deep seated understanding of value innovation within your industry. You are the thought leader in the room, at meetings and at conferences. you know you can teach others and what you teach carry weight because you have walked the walk. You know the path to the top of your mountain. Keep the CHARACTER component of your HEXACRON pure at all times. you have reached a Kingly peak where your light and influence extends into other nations.

THE LEGEND (Kingly frequency)

Very few reach this peak. It is the peak of iconic status and who you are as a person embodies your industry. Your name embodies innovation and brilliance. You have been doing things so brilliantly for so long with consistency and achieving extraordinary results. People in your industry strive to emulate you. Your sayings become axioms that govern your industry. You are known as the gold standard and have left such a mark on your industry that your name is permanently crafted into the people’s consciousness within your industry an beyond. You are the Steve Jobs, the Steven Spielberg, The Keanu Reeves, the Mother Theresa., the Nelson Mandela.
This is the level of person-hood where influence is so far reaching. The name embodies the industry. Those that reach this level must become involved in contribution from a compassion viewpoint by truly contributing to and the upliftment of humanity to help them rise in consciousness. This is true Kingly status