“How Would You Like Us To Lead You Through An Online Journey Where You Can

Interrupt Your Negative Habits, Discover Your Gift & Learn How To Give It Back To The World By Pursuing Your Life Purpose?!”

The Life You Want, The Family You Want, The Business You Want… The FULFILLMENT You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By The Purpose You Actualize…

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I Want Daily Training, Live Coaching, DNA Assessments and Superhero Missions!

What does…

“This Superhero Journey”

Mean for you…?


From: Juan Nel
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
What does “What Does This Superhero Journey Mean for You…?”
For everyone it’s different…
For some of you, you are in a position where you feel lost, and that there is something much greater for your life
For others, you are entrepreneurs, professionals or even involved in ministry, but you feel stuckwondering about the true meaning behind it all
And for most of you, you are looking for that key that will open new doors of direction and purpose in life so that you can embrace your full potential to impact the world for the Kingdom!
Before I share what this 30 Day Superhero Transformation Challenge could mean for YOU… let me ask you a few questions…

Please Check All Of The
Questions Where You Answer Is YES!

    Do you want to discover your God-given Gifting and gain a renewed sense of purpose for your life and career, but don't know where to start?Are you trying to figure out how to launch a unique offer, business or venture to impact more people in the world?Do you need to be equipped with the digital tools to build a thriving digital business, channel or venture?Are you convinced that you need to find your calling to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth?Are you about to step into a new season of life , and want to make sure you are heading in the right direction?

    If You Checked Any of the Boxes Above,

    Then I Want to Invite You

    to Join the DNA Superhero Transformation Challenge

    and Change Your Life Forever!

    Unleash Your Full Potential!

    • Be Guided Every Step Of The Way By Coaches Who Live What They Teach

    • Guaranteed Results From Completing The Daily Superhero Missions

    • Lifetime Free Access To Your DNA Superhero Reports Worth $200 +

    • Support & Accountability From Participants That Can Be Found Nowhere Else

    Start now with the

    JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $500 $50

    The Question We Get Asked The Most…

    “How Much Time Will This Take Daily?”

    We respect that it can get tough, working with clients, working full time, studying, raising kids and trying to get your side-hustle going…

    It’s Simple, about 1 Hour Per Day…

    20-30 minutes of cinematic training & coaching videos

    15-20 minutes to complete daily Superhero Missions and post to the group

    10-15 minutes to like, comment and encourage your fellow heroes on their mission uploads

    You Do Know That The Average Person Spends Approximately 5 Hours Per Day On Social Media Right?
    Why Not Use That Time To Do Something Beneficial And Life-Changing?!!

    Wondering If That Small Time Commitment Is Worth It?

    Let Them Tell You…

    Pieter Trytsman

    Financial Services Expert

    Melissa Grey

    Stay-at-Home Mom

    Candice Prentis

    Artist & Graphic Designer

    Maryka Meldau

    HR Professional

    Patricia Viljoen
    Writer & Book Publisher
    Hennie van Deventer


    Pieter Trytsman

    Superhero Challenge Graduate

    Johan Greef

    Superhero Challenge Graduate

    Diana Venter
    Organizational Performance Manager

    Step Into Your Life Assignment!

    Cinematic Training Videos
    As Well As Live Coaching
    And Group Engagement
    On The Private Facebook Group!

    Unlock Your Gift, Passion,
    Purpose, Potential, Character
    and Performance As You
    Ascend Your Personal Mountain!

    Learn How To Craft Your
    Unique Offer And Start
    Your Digital Business or
    Side-Hussle According To
    Your Kingdom Assignment!

    Actually Implement What
    You Learn In Your Life
    To Achieve Tangible
    Results Through
    Superhero Missions!

    Free DNA Superhero
    Assessments & Reports To
    Discover Your God-Given

    Connect With A Network
    Of Like-Minded Kingdom
    Heroes Who All Want To
    Unleash Their Full Potential!

    And The Goal Behind All Of This???


    Clearly Write Down Your Central Definite Purpose In Life!

    Begin The Life You Have Always Dreamed About Since You Were A Child!

    “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3



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